Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wow Your Students with EdPuzzle

As a future educator, I plan on showing A LOT of videos. Whether they be from Youtube, the library, from my own personal findings, I will be implementing video into my future classroom. One really important thing in watching videos during class is making sure that the students stay engaged. I remember in high school, my government and history classes just turned on a video and let it play for the whole class while everyone messed around, took naps, were on their phones, etc. I noticed very quickly that as a student, I wasn't getting much information out of that teaching method.

One way that I will make sure my future students are engaged is by inserting quiz questions and voice-overs in youtube videos that we watch. How do you do this, you might ask?

EdPuzzle! This easy to navigate learning tool is free and it's a great way to keep kids engaged.

Here I have embedded a link to my original YouTube video that I made about pollution.
It's good, but with the help of EdPuzzle, I was able to take my video to the next level.

Below is my EdPuzzle video. A better, more engaging version of the original. I will definitely continue to implement EdPuzzle into my work now as a student and later, as an educator.

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