Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"InTASC and ISTE standards - What's in it for me?" EXTRA CREDIT BLOG POST

Mandy Miller
Extra Credit Blog

Education is one of the most important parts of our lives. I have recently been introduced to the idea of technology in the classroom. This has been a very interesting and engaging topic to dive into as a student, and for good reason. Technology is important. It’s become a necessity to many of today’s youth, which in turn will become tomorrow’s future. Others have noticed this increase in need for technology, and they have decided to make it a necessity in the classroom as well. Let’s learn more about ISTE and INTASC.

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is a non-profit organization that is an aid to educators, students, and leaders in order to achieve the goal of getting away from the “standard” or “factory” model of teaching. Integrating technology in the classroom doesn’t come as easily for all educators, but we have these standards to make sure that technology is implemented for students and teachers across the board. There are 2 main perspectives in which the ISTE standards are written; the ISTE Standards for Students and the ISTE Standards for Teachers.

The ISTE Standards for Students are designed to make sure that students voices are heard and that learning is not driven by the teachers, but by the students. It makes sure that no matter how technologically advanced the teacher is, the students still get to experience the advantages of technology. ISTE for Teachers are a list of 5 main points that describe what you need to do as a teacher to stay up to date with the ever-changing technology of today’s day and age. These 5 standards are further broken down to ensure the best quality of education is given to each student.

InTASC is a set of Model Core Teaching Standards outline what educators should know and teach in order to make sure that the students will one day be ready to enter college or the workforce. There are 10 standards/progressions to apply in the InTASC. One of the standards is learner development for diverse learners, which is one of the most important sections of vocabulary for me in my development as a future special education teacher.

Technology can enhance achievement of the standards by introducing a newer way of learning, a newer teaching tool to give students more resources, and new opportunities to learn. Standards can enhance both teachers’ and students’ performance, hence the standards for teachers and students! Standards can guide the design of instruction by giving you a guideline of things to make sure to include in your lessons. I plan on integrating the ISTE and InTASC standards in my future classroom by making sure that all of my students are given the same opportunities with technology. I will give them my all by integrating technology in every way that I can. For example, we will have online assignments and using iPads daily.

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